The Introduction of just about every literary contest "Winner Announcement"  begins with.... We received so many wonderful submissions....This was not an easy task.... All of the poems were winners....and so on and so forth. 


Truer words could not be spoken.  What more can I say? 


Our Judges:  Eric Tessier,  Stephanie Pope, Vera Charline Wareham, Phaedra Valentine and myself, Victoria Valentine, all agreed upon one thing;  JUDGING THIS POETRY CONTEST WAS NOT EASY!  But it was a fabulous experience.  We had the opportunity to read all of your wonderful 'words', each and every beautiful, perfectly poised word and phrase composing an array of absolutely stunning poetry...and talent.  We received over 400 poems.  As we all know, literature is subjective, which is why we selected 5 judges with a broad variety of opinions, coming together for one common goal--to select 6 winners.  However, this did not make it any easier.  We read these poems over and over for weeks, finding it difficult to eliminate many pieces, and in no way could we narrow it down to 6 poems.  But, to make a long story short, First Place was a tie, followed by a strong Second, equally powerful Third, with 4 fantastic Runners Up and 4 memorable Honorable Mentions. 


First Place: (sharing $100.00 cash prize, print publication and a Spring Skyline Magazine.)

Perry S. Nicholas, Comealong

Thomas Paul SternerHowe, A Sense Of Sixth


Second Place:($50.00 cash prize, print publication and a Spring Skyline Magazine.)

Patricia Kelly, Your Death


Third Place:($25.00 cash prize, print publication and a Spring Skyline Magazine.)

Tom Sheehan, The Mercies Found In Light


Runners Up: (Online publication and choice of book or Skyline T-Shirt.)

Pam MacBean

Edward Motketsan

Micki Peluso

Barbara Lois Fullard


Honorable Mention poetry will be published in A Hudson View Poetry Digest Spring issue.  Winners will receive a contributor copy of A Hudson View. 


Jennifer Campbell, 4 a.m. Meeting

Matt Hall, Mia

Linda Oatman High, Lullaby of a Miner's Daughter

Patrick Thomas Jeffries, Coming of the Sun        


A sincere Thank You !  to our Contest Participants and to our Judges. 

Congratulations to our Winners !!

Runner Up Poetry

First, Second, Third Place Winning Poetry and Honorable Mention Poetry has been published in Spring Skyline Magazine and A Hudson View Poetry Digest

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